I AM an arts & entertainment reporter and audio storyteller.

I CREATED The Pixar Podcast, where I have interviewed artists and practiced documentary-style storytelling. I also helped create What Say Ye?, which applies a similar style and approach to local arts reporting. And I founded The Porch, a live storytelling show.

I'VE WORKED in radio, print and online publishing since 2010, including as a production intern at Radiolab; as a podcaster; and as a writer for the Daily Herald newspaper in Utah.

I'VE LIVED in Stockton, California; Recife, Brazil; New York City; Provo, Utah; and Houston, Texas.

Hosting The Porch storytelling show in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2015.

Recording an episode of "What Say Ye?" with colleague Court Mann (left) and guest Justin Hackworth in 2016.

At Pixar Animation Studios in 2017 covering a press event.

Recording an interview with actress Kaitlyn Dias in 2015.

One of my favorite places in Utah: the sphinx sculpted to look like Joseph Smith.

Teaching a high school English class at Maple Lake Academy in 2015.

A view from my car during a road trip in Canada and the United States in 2015.

Working as a sound engineer on a film set in 2016.

Visiting Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in 2015.