Young Mormon Feminists

'the sexually mature young mormon single adult'

In this article I reflected on sexuality, maturity and faith:

Here’s a question you might want to bring up at the next ward Linger Longer: do any of us young single adults feel like sexually mature human beings? It’s certainly something to chew on, along with the cheesy casseroles, Costco rolls, and freshly baked cookies, amidst the flirting and fellowshipping taking place all around you. In fact, if you’re serious about getting the conversation going, I recommend screaming the question as loudly as you can. I, for one, will readily contribute my answer: It is, with all the confusion and frustration I can muster in my 26-year-old human body, a resounding, nope. Actually it’s more like this:

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'responding to last sunday’s missionary broadcast'

In this article I responded to a special LDS broadcast on missionary work:

In the week leading up to last Sunday’s missionary broadcast, a missionary department employee gave a talk to the Southern Virginia University peeps, which had emerged online. These are some things that especially stood out to me:

“If you want to know if the heavens are open, show up.”

“The meeting of the century.”

“Will change missionary work for the rest of this dispensation.”

“This is one of those things where you’re going to want to say, ‘Yes, I heard this thing live.’”

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'(mormon) feminist filmgoer: blue like jazz'

In this article I looked at "Blue Like Jazz":

Today’s “Feminist Filmgoer” is less about feminism and more about the other two descriptive titles we go by: young and Mormon. Except, okay, Mormon is not really accurate either. The film is Blue Like Jazz, based on the book of the same name, and it centers around a young Christian man who moves away from home to escape his religious upbringing his first year of college. It’s a movie about figuring out personal faith in college, something many of us young Mormon feminists are doing.

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'feminist filmgoer: let’s talk about movies'

In this article, I introduced a new series looking at films through a feminist lens:

I am a huge film buff. I watch one almost every day, and I take them seriously as art, not just as passing entertainment. One of the greatest pleasures of my life is stepping into a movie theater, especially after having been away from one for several weeks (darn you, school!). I go to movies by myself, I read and listen to film commentary in the form of podcasts and blogs, and I have a personal collection of DVDs and Blu rays that could single-handedly resurrect Provo’s video rental industry.

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'waiting for a (sister) missionary'

In this article, I write about relationships and LDS missions:

For those that have been following the exciting feminist love story that is my life, you might be interested to know the latest episode: MacKenzie, my girlfriend of three years, got on a plane this week and went from the MTC to the mission field. We didn’t break up. Or to put it in the more familiar language ripped straight from the Saturday’s Warrior songbook:

I’m waiting for her.

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'can equality exist in patriarchy?'

In this post, I raise a question based on a conversation with my family:

Last month my family got together and had a rousing discussion about feminism in the Church. Whenever my five older siblings and their spouses get together, there’s always a good discussion to be had. Even though a few of my siblings are, like me, registered Democrats, these conversations tend to cement my place as the most liberal member of my fully active LDS family.

A question was raised that we were unsuccessful at really answering:In the Church or at home, does patriarchy (however benevolent) make equality impossible? 

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