Sundance 2017

'Sundance Notebook: Two movies about crisis -- one good, one bad'

I wrote a Sundance Notebook about two films, "Bushwick" and "Gook":

Just got out of a screening of "Bushwick," a movie that takes place on the streets of Brooklyn, which has suddenly and mysteriously become a war zone.

In that way, it reminded me of the movie I saw last night, "Gook," which takes place on the streets of Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots in 1991.

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'Sundance Notebook: Sundance Film Festival and one reporter’s fight with mother nature'

I wrote a Sundance Notebook about the extreme weather at this year's festival (and driving in it):

Today my drive to Park City took less time than I expected -- about an hour from Provo -- until, that is, I got to a mile away from Park City, at which point, the hammering snow added another 40 minutes or so to my drive on those last 1 or 2 miles into the festival.

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'Sundance Notebook: Stepping inside virtual reality filmmaking'

I wrote a Sundance Notebook about virtual reality films at Sundance:

Today I experienced virtual reality for the first time, and my head is spinning.

My head was frequently spinning while I was wearing the equipment, too, because if you thought catching all the details of a Stanley Kubrick film was difficult, just imagine the FOMO-induced stress of watching a narrative unfold in 360 degrees.

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'Sundance Notebook: “Documentaries have become more important,” Redford says -- and I agree'

I wrote a Sundance Notebook about documentary film as journalism:

My unbounded affection for Utah -- and Utah County in particular -- has a long record. But nothing plucks my homey heartstrings quite like the Sundance Film Festival. That one of the most important film festivals takes place in our own backyard fills me with endless satisfaction.

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