'Springville Museum of Art offers "Glimpses" into Art City'

I wrote about an art exhibit in Springville:

If you dream of deer or pine for peacocks, say thank you. If you’re soft on rabbits scrubby as mops, say thank you. If you fancy a walk where Lake Bonneville lapped, this might be the place. Say yes to that tepid lake. And yes again that it leaked away, leaving you a clean view of windmills silhouetting the sky. Be glad a quake hasn’t razed your house. If it does, and if your end-of-days neighbors have oats and ammo to spare, say thanks again -- then pray they’ll share.

So goes part of a prose poem by Utah poet laureate Lance Larsen, featured in the Springville Museum of Art’s exhibit “Glimpses of Springville,” which focuses on the work of Springville visual artists and runs through Oct. 29.

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