I produced a story by Meg Walter in this episode of the "Strangerville" podcast:

Last week was Duncan's adoption day (how has it been a year already omg you people are getting so old). I totally forgot about it because I was in the process of working eleventy million hours so it was really bad timing for a milestone.

Then Matt texted me and was like "if you loved Duncan you would invite me and Ollie over for dinner tonight and throw a huge party and feed us" and I would have been annoyed with Matt's attempts to manipulate me if I wasn't already in the middle of drafting a text to him that said "what time did you say you were coming over tonight to install all of the baseboards in my basement" despite the fact that he definitely never agreed to do that.

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'The World of Spooks'

I produced a story, "Murder on Main," in this episode of the "Strangerville" podcast:

This time in Strangerville, four stories about exaggerated fear. College kids cause a stir in their small town. A child remembers a gas station encounter much more colorfully than his father. A bunch of 80s and 90s kids discuss a traumatizing episode of a popular children’s show. And a woman reflects on her trick-or-treating past. Stay tuned, and watch some people get irrationally scared in this special Halloween episode.

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