I created The Pixar Podcast between 2010 and 2018.

The show ran 143 episodes and included interviews with filmmakers like Don Hahn, Pete Docter and Michael Giacchino, as well as in-depth coverage of Pixar films from Toy Story onward.

The podcast opened professional doors for me. It’s where I cut my teeth on interviewing and audio production skills. It led me to create Mosaic, my current show.

In the final episode of The Pixar Podcast, I discuss the reasons for ending the show, including the #MeToo revelations regarding Pixar creative chief John Lasseter in late 2017. You can listen below:

You can also find every episode from the archive on Bandcamp. Pay what you want, as low as $0.50 for an individual episode or a flat $8 for the entire series! Or, if you just want to say thanks for the show, feel free to send a donation of any amount here.

If you were a listener for any amount of time, I sincerely thank you. I hope some of my work going forward will continue to interest you.

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