The Daily Herald: 'Do you know more about Pixar than Provo’s Derrick Clements? Probably not'


I was the subject of this article:

To say Derrick Clements loves Pixar really undersells it.

Like, really, really undersells it.

There are the small “The Incredibles” art pieces hanging in the Provo resident’s bathroom. There are the drawers full of sundry Pixar-themed figurines. There’s his living room, decked out literally wall-to-wall with Pixar movie posters, memorabilia and media. And, most of all, there’s Clements’ “The Pixar Podcast.” The successful podcast, which Clements started in 2010, has covered the Pixar spectrum over more than 100 episodes and counting. He’s featured numerous Pixar animators and staff, and has been flown out to Pixar headquarters for three press junkets — including that of “Inside Out,” which comes to theaters nationwide on Friday.

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