'King Kebab offers much more than food court convenience'


I reviewed King Kebab restaurant in Provo:

Ah, the food court. That magical place that triumphantly evokes the melting pot of the American dream just by its clashing smells. The place one typically only chooses for convenience’s sake while buying socks and certainly only outright craves in moments of deep self-loathing. The land of chain restaurants and pretzels and pretzel restaurant chains.

So it came as a delicious surprise to discover King Kebab in the Provo Towne Centre Mall, a place which completely blew apart my preconceived food court notions. Selling Middle Eastern and Mediterranean shawarma, gyros and falafel, the first thing I wanted to clarify as I placed my order was whether it was a chain.

“No, it’s family-owned,” my server responded. “It wouldn’t taste this good if it were a chain.”

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