'Preparing for "Justice League" with a look back at DC's uneven universe'


I wrote a reflection on the DC Expanded Universe in preparation for the release of "Justice League":

When Marvel called upon Joss Whedon to helm the first superhero team-up mega-sequel "The Avengers" in 2012, the result was a hit, and all major competing studios snapped to attention. Everybody wanted to get in on that sweet teamwork action.

The most direct parallel universe to the Marvel Cinematic one was DC's "Extended Universe." It was also built on the individual stories of comic book superheroes, and now, it has even also called upon Joss Whedon to help its first superhero team-up mega-sequel, "Justice League."

The circumstances are a little bit different this time for the director, however, as most of the production was already complete when Whedon came on board. He replaced Zack Snyder, who had to leave the project suddenly after a family tragedy. Reportedly, Snyder is still the credited director, but Whedon will receive a writing credit for his troubles.

In preparation for this week's release of "Justice League," let's take a look at each of the films in the DC Extended Universe and how they lead up to this climactic cinematic team-up.

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