'Scarlet fever: "Pimpernel" set to open at Springville Playhouse'


I wrote a feature on "The Scarlet Pimpernel" at the Springville Playhouse:

“The Scarlet Pimpernel,” the musical opening at the Springville Playhouse this week, has “a little bit of everything in it -- adventure, romance, horror, swashbuckling,” said director Rochelle Zibetti, but when I asked producer Karen Amsden what aspect of the show she is most excited for audiences to see, she didn’t hesitate.

“The guillotine,” Amsden said. “I’m gonna tell you, we rented this guillotine from the SCERA, and it freaked me out when we first did it. I thought it malfunctioned and we really beheaded the guy, it looked so real. … The head drops down and there's a basket there and it looks like it drops into the basket and it sounds legit, and I mean it’s just creepy. But it’s creepy awesome.”

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